Please contact  me directly for availability of commission work, and mention the name of your resin. I may have limited openings for fall 2017. Please review Commissions Page Price List first.

I am currently not taking commissions for Specific "Choose Your Own" Orders or Portraits  (examples of a specific order is "bright red chestnut with two low white hind socks, a front coronet band, and a snip shaped like the one in this photo" or a horse that looks just like this one in the magazine"). I would like to be able to determine the location of markings and their general size to flow with the sculpture; as well as to conform to color genetics rules and breed standards. I would also strongly prefer to determine the depth and shade of the base color, and the amount of dapples to work with the sculpture/color/breed assignment. Of course, you may always let me know what you don't like! Artist's Choice means that I will pick the color and pattern for the model. See below for details. Please contact me at with questions on this. 


Yes, time payment plans with regular payments are usually accepted.

Yes, I work on Stone and newer Breyer bodies (please see below) as well as Artist Resins. Limited customization is available (details below). I'm sorry, but I don't generally paint pieces customized by other artists, though there are a few exceptions. 

Yes, I will occasionally do Portraits and Specific "Choose Your Own" orders starting at $1000, however, these books are currently closed. 

Yes, I do repair work on pieces if they are then being painted/or have been painted by me. If you need repairs to a painted piece by another artist, please see below.

Completion time varies. If you need a specific turnaround time, we can discuss it; I will do my best to accommodate your schedule. 
Please note: I use many layers of translucent media, and these take time to dry and cure.

Professional prepping is required, please see below. 

Repairs, customization and shipping are additional to the finishwork services. Details below.

Price quotes are only good for 15 days, unless locked-in by half-payment. Otherwise, quotes are subject to change.

There is an electronic Commission Request Order Form, link at bottom, that will need to be completed and submitted.

Half payment OR pre-approved time payment installment is due with the horse's arrival . I'm sorry, but I can no longer take horses without a payment of some type.

Work is not begun until a minimum of half payment is received. Regardless of when you send your model to me or to the prepper, the Time Clock does not start until I have received a minimum of half the fee. Thanks for understanding!

Final payment is due within two weeks of completion.

Shipment for commission or sales pieces will occur after final payment has cleared.

Models are shipped fully insured, signature required. see details below. 

Your satisfaction is very important to me. Please let me know if there is something I can do to improve your satisfaction with your Zorn Art Studio piece. 

Finishwork carries a guarantee, details outlined below.

ARTIST'S CHOICE: Artist's Choice means just that: I will pick the color of the horse, the markings, and the white patterning (if applicable). The colors/markings will be breed specific.You may say what you don't want, for example, tell me if you don't want a cremello or perlino, I will verify with you what I will be doing with your horse, if you wish.


​Models must be professionally prepped. 

Prepping is available from Elizabeth Simpson

The choice of preppers is yours, but please do be aware that  I am extremely picky, and will not paint inadequately prepped pieces. If additional prep work is required, it will be billed at $45 an hour/portion there of.

Pieces must be prepped in white primer or white spray gesso only: latex spray paint, enamel spray paint, or brushed/sponged on gesso is not  acceptable.

Yes, I can do leg/tail/ear repairs on items that I will be painting, please contact me, prices start at $35 for this service (plus prep fee).

Restorations: please contact Karen Dietrich


Minor customization (gender, manes, tails, ears) is available on items that I will be painting for you.

Customization starts at $50  per service. Please request a quote.

I'm sorry, but I do not do drastic commissions to order. On pieces that I will be painting, I will do minor customizations on resin castings (if permitted by sculptor), as well as newer Breyer and Stone models.

Please note: due to the possible interactions between body plastic, sculpting epoxies, and primer, I cannot be responsible for the archival quality of customized Original Finish pieces (Breyer and Stone). Models are made with cellulose acetate-based plastic, and the chemical composition varies: A higher percentage of  cellulose acetate can lead to degradation of the plastic over time ("shrinkies" and "vinegar syndrome" are examples). I use special prepping treatment for these pieces just in case; however, please note that I cannot be held financially liable for the longevity of customized Original Finish pieces. 


Payment is accepted by PAYPAL  (; or by US Postal Service Money Order. Personal checks will be returned.

Payment should be sent in a trackable manner. I can't be held responsible for payments lost in transit.

Payment must arrive with the horse, or prior to its arrival. Models will not be accepted without payment.

Please ship your model with identification information: your name, email, and return shipping address, as well as the name of the model. Please do not include anything that must be returned to you , for example shipping bags, or original photos

You will be notified via email upon receipt of your model.


Please note that work on your piece does not begin until at least half payment is received! PLEASE keep this in mind when determining how long your piece will take for completion! The "completion clock" doesn't start ticking until half payment is made, regardless of when your model is received. Also note, that if there is a number of paid-in-full pieces ahead of yours, they will receive priority attention.

I reserve the right to require payment in full prior to commencement of work. Thanks for your understanding.

It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your payments and the amount due, and to remit them on a monthly or as arranged basis.

NonPayment or Late Payment: late or absent time payments as well as late final payments (2 weeks after notification of completion) will result in forfeiture of all funds paid. Your piece may be sold to recoup my fees, no remuneration will be made for the value of the resin or body horse.

Final payment MUST be made within 2 weeks of notification of completion/acceptance or the piece will be placed up for sale  (see below).


No refunds can be made.

Work-In-Progress will not be sent out. I reserve the option to keep the piece in progress; and at my discretion, get you a new duplicate resin or OF body, or refund you the price of the resin based on current market prices. For prepped resins, you will be sent a prepped resin or refunded the price of the resin plus prepping.

I reserve the right to cancel and refund any commission project at any time.

Abandonment of Project: If I have not had communication from you within one year, your deposits and/or models will be considered abandoned and become my property. I have NO desire to do this!


 All shipping is done via USPS, priority and signature required.  Insurance is required for all shipments, and will include the value of the model body plus the cost of the finishwork. The first $200 in value is insured via the USPS, the remainder is via my private business insurance. This will be explained on your shipping invoice just in case it is needed.

Please note: The price charged to ship  your package will not be the same as printed on the shipping label, as a portion of the shipping insurance costs  are borne by my business insurance. Shipping charges are calculated to be approximately the same or less than USPS rates for fully insured priority shipping.

• I cannot be held responsible for the piece after it is given to the USPS or other shipping carrier.

• Keep all shipping materials until you determine that your piece has arrived safely. If damage occurs, I will assist you in filing your claim.

• International shipping is available, fully insured and full value will be declared. International shipments are subject to an additional 
handling fee.


If there are sculptural or conformational issues with your piece, they will NOT be corrected unless this is part of your arrangement. Uneven hooves, uneven eyes, uneven ears, incorrect conformation, missing details, etc. need to be addressed prior to the prepping process. Please address such issues with your prepper as well as myself.

Minors must have a legal guardian make commission arrangements. No commissions will be accepted from minors without this written consent.

Portraits are to be considered artistic likenesses, not photographic copies. You must send photographs or color prints of your horse accurately representing its and markings. If poor quality photographs are sent, I can only do my best.

Copying Work: I will not copy the work of other artists. As far as my own work, I can make "similar" pieces to what I have done in the past; however, my abilities and finishwork techniques, and materials are constantly changing. :)

I monitor my email account, several times a day. If you email me and do not hear from me, please try again. I endeavor to answer all emails as soon as I can.

I do suggest that each customer supply a phone number. I absolutely will NOT call you unless there is an urgent reason, nor will I give out your number.  I am not a phone person myself, and do not like to be bothered, either.  If this is a problem for you, we can work around it. :)

Social Media: I highly encourage all commission customers to join my Yahoo Group and or my FaceBook page, in the event I need to do a mass communication in a hurry. Please search for Zorn Art Studio Equine Art on Facebook.

 Repairs: I will do repair work on models painted by me. The rate is $45 per hour. For models painted prior to 2014, please note that there may be paint and sealant incompatibility with the paint and sealant that I use now. I will do my best to help you.

Photographs: My photographs may not be used to resell a model, as it may have changed since I photographed it.  I retain the right to use photographs for promotional materials.

Your Satisfaction is Important!
Please let me know immediately upon receipt if you are not satisfied with your piece, and I will work with you to insure your satisfaction. No refunds. Please feel free to check for my references on MHHR, click Here for link.