June 2017: Very limited commission slots MAY be available this fall, I will be offering them via lottery on my public Facebook Studio page. I plan on offering some sales pieces, the best place to see them will be on Facebook FIRST!  Zorn Art Studio Equine Art on Facebook

You do not need to be a member of Facebook: my studio page is open to the public. I do understand that not everyone "Facebooks"; however, it is extremely easy to update Facebook from anywhere, and this website is difficult to update, and cannot be updated via mobile.

Please contact me at ZornArt@gmail.com if you have any questions.
Thank you!  -Karen


Pieces are finished in mixed media with a variety of techniques: Top quality acrylic basecoats are applied with a professional-grade airbrush, nothing beats the airbrush for a smooth rich glowing finish with outstanding shading. All details are done by hand with acrylics, pigment dust/pastels, pencils, inks, and charcoal.All pinto, appaloosa, and fleabit grey work is done by hand.  I use very high quality artist's materials for every step of the finishwork process.

*I currently do not do portraits, or very specific "Choose Your Own" designs. 

*Please note that bodies, prepping and postage are extra! I can provide limited prepping services for a fee; for more extensive work (stripping, raw castings, Eberls, I have a preferred prepper Elizabeth Simpson khaching@aol.com.

*I do minor repairs and or customization on pieces that I will be painting.

*I  am happy to work with international customers. 

*All prices are individually determined.

*Turnaround time is based on how busy I am at the time, and how complex your piece is. I will try to work with your schedule as best I can.

PRICING INFORMATION  (please request formal quote).

Pricing is determined on an individual basis, and is based upon complexity of the piece.

To give you an idea of a starting point, Traditional scale start at $400 for solids, miniatures start at $250 for solids. "Solid" includes minimal chrome. Prep work is addtional, starting at $35 for miniatures and $60 for traditionals.

Pinto and appaloosa work is all hand applied

Hair By Hair roans and fleabit greys are extremely time consuming. Prices for traditionals start at approximately $1200

 I generally accept short timepayments. To give yourself longer to pay, please pay in full with PayPal, and select their financing option! If you qualify, it gives you six months interest free to pay (please see their terms).

Paid in Full orders receive priority.

A non refundable $100 deposit is required, if the order is not paid in full.

INTERESTED IN BOOKING A COMMISSION? Please review the Policies Page, then email me at ZornArt@gmail.com, thanks.