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The Honey Badger
The Honey Badger
Red Rain
Perseus (ribbons and mane bobs will be purple and gold.)
Red Hot Chili Pepper
Captain Starbuck
In the Air Tonight
The Venturi Effect
Avalanche Twist
Swing Town
Shadow Dancer
Shadow on the Sun
The Highway Man
Dark Diamond (pebbles scale, turned head)
SHINE A LIGHT:SHINE A LIGHT: Factory Custom One of A Kind  traditional Arabian stallion in a lightly fleabitten grey. 
STEVIE RAY: Factory Custom One of A Kind Ideal Stock Horse in a red bay roan stallion 
DOUBLE TROUBLE: Factory Custom OOAK weanling.

IN STEP: (in progress):
Factory Custom OOAK Tennessee Walking Horse in a sandy silver bay.
DARK SHADOWS Factory Custom OOAK traditional pinned ear Arabian
stallion in a rich shaded mahogany bay with subtle dapples.
DEVON Factory Custom OOAK ISH in a chestnut fleabit grey. 
DAWN SEEKER (in progress) Factory Custom OOAK arabian stallion in a dappled red bay.. 
LILY GRACE (Pebbles scale)Factory Custom OOAK  Pebbles Arabian mare in a fleabit chestnut bloody shoulder grey.  
Factory Custom OOAK Pebbles Arabian mare in a richly shaded sunburnt black. 

ARISTOCAT (in progress)
Factory Custom OOAK traditional Arabian stallion in a light bay tobiano.
CROSS FIRE: Factory Custom OOAK traditional Arabian stallion in a
fleabit chestnut bloody shoulder grey. 
DARK ANGEL:Factory Custom OOAK  traditional Arabian 
stallion in an extensively shaded sunburnt light black 
QUAID:  Factory Custom OOAK TWH- pinned ear stallion in red silver
TRITON: Factory Custom OOAK   TWH with pinned ears in a creamy fleabit grey. He has a new split flowing forelock.
Projects pictured above were done for Stone Horses, Inc. Shipshewana, IN