I have had a life-long love of animals and of art; and I'm so pleased to be able to merge my two favorite interests. I am very fortunate to be from a family who values all kinds of art, my father is an internationally known modern sculptor and my brother and mother are both writers.

Over the years, while finishing graduate school and working in the corporate and government sectors, I enjoyed extensive training in dressage and jumping with my horses Kiev, Sir Percival, and Raleigh. Sadly, this left me very little time for any artistic pursuits. Once Raleigh and I decided to "hang up our spurs",  I started painting horse miniatures for myself just for fun, then decided to open my books so others could enjoy my work. This certainly beat out working someplace else, thus Zorn Art Studio was born in 2006. Pursuit of detail and realism is what drives me to continually improve, and I am pleased to note that pieces I have finished have won international workmanship awards. 

My next areas of focus are several equine sculptures and bas reliefs, as well as to continue to take pieces for finishwork commissions. 
About Karen C. Zorn
Welcome to Zorn Art Studio. 
I specialize in the hand finishwork of fine equine miniatures for collectors. 

Please contact me at ZornArt@gmail.com